Southeast Dallas Health Center

southeast dallas health center

Southeast Dallas Health Center is a renowned healthcare facility dedicated to serving the residents of Southeast Dallas and its surrounding areas. With a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, the center offers a wide range of medical services to meet the diverse needs of the community.

At Southeast Dallas Health Center, patients have access to a comprehensive range of medical services. From preventive care and wellness programs to specialized treatments and surgeries, the center is equipped to handle all aspects of healthcare. The center offers primary care, pediatric care, women’s health services, behavioral health services, dental care, and much more.

Patient-Centered Approach

The center takes pride in its patient-centered approach, ensuring that each patient’s individual needs and preferences are prioritized. The healthcare providers at Southeast Dallas Health Center take the time to listen, understand, and develop personalized treatment plans to address the unique healthcare needs of every patient.

Community Outreach Programs

Southeast Dallas Health Center is committed to improving the overall health and well-being of the community. The center actively engages in various community outreach programs, offering health education, screenings, and preventive care services to underserved populations. These programs aim to promote health awareness and empower individuals to take control of their own health.

Collaborative Care

The center believes in the power of collaboration and works closely with other healthcare providers and community organizations to ensure seamless and coordinated care for their patients. By partnering with specialists and community resources, Southeast Dallas Health Center can provide comprehensive and holistic care to their patients, addressing both their medical and social needs.

Accessible and Affordable Care

Southeast Dallas Health Center is committed to making healthcare accessible and affordable for all members of the community. The center accepts most insurance plans and offers a sliding fee scale for those without insurance. They also provide assistance in navigating healthcare programs and connecting patients with financial resources to ensure that cost does not become a barrier to receiving quality healthcare.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The center boasts state-of-the-art facilities and utilizes the latest technologies and medical advancements to deliver the highest quality of care. From advanced diagnostic equipment to modern treatment modalities, Southeast Dallas Health Center is at the forefront of medical innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need an appointment to visit Southeast Dallas Health Center?

Yes, it is recommended to schedule an appointment to ensure timely and efficient care. However, the center also accommodates walk-in patients for urgent medical needs.

2. What insurance plans does Southeast Dallas Health Center accept?

The center accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. It is advisable to contact the center or check their website for a complete list of accepted insurance plans.

3. Can I receive dental care at Southeast Dallas Health Center?

Yes, Southeast Dallas Health Center offers comprehensive dental care services, including preventive care, restorative treatments, and oral surgeries.

4. Are there any financial assistance programs available for those without insurance?

Yes, the center offers a sliding fee scale based on income and family size for uninsured patients. They also provide assistance in accessing state and federal healthcare programs.

5. Can I get my prescriptions filled at the center?

Yes, Southeast Dallas Health Center has an on-site pharmacy where patients can conveniently fill their prescriptions.

6. Are there any specialized services available at Southeast Dallas Health Center?

Yes, the center offers a range of specialized services, including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, and more. Patients can be referred to specialists within the center or external specialists based on their specific needs.

7. How can I get involved in the community outreach programs?

You can contact Southeast Dallas Health Center to inquire about volunteer opportunities or attend their community events and health fairs to learn more about their programs.

8. Can I access my medical records online?

Yes, the center provides a patient portal where you can securely access your medical records, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and communicate with your healthcare providers.


– Comprehensive range of medical services

– Patient-centered approach

– Collaborative care with other healthcare providers

– Accessible and affordable healthcare

– State-of-the-art facilities and technology

– Community outreach programs


– Schedule regular check-ups and screenings to maintain good health

– Take advantage of the center’s educational programs and resources

– Communicate openly with your healthcare providers about your concerns and preferences

– Follow the recommended treatment plans and medication instructions

– Stay informed about your insurance coverage and financial assistance options


Southeast Dallas Health Center is a leading healthcare facility that provides comprehensive, patient-centered care to the community. With a wide range of medical services, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to accessibility and affordability, the center is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the residents of Southeast Dallas.

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