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Sensitive Teeth: What are the Causes and Treatment

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Tooth Sensitivity is a common problem worldwide. Research reveals 1 in 8 adults have sensitive teeth but what causes and treatment for this dental problem?
Tooth sensitivity is due to the exposure of the dentin. A layer of your teeth which is covered by the visible layer known as the enamel.   When eating hot, cold, or sweet food, the flow of the fluid changes, which results in the sharp stinging sensation you would feel.   Here are the following reasons why the enamel layer wears out and exposes the dentine layer:
  1. Brushing Your Teeth - Although brushing is the most common and effective way to clean the gums, tongue, cheeks, and teeth, brushing your teeth after acid changes in the mouth can cause the enamel to wear out more quickly for it softens and becomes sensitive to whatever touches its surface. Also, brushing your teeth too hard would cause receding gums, which exposes the dentine later on.
  2. Gingivitis – This is a gum disease that causes inflammation in the gum tissues, making it sore. If untreated, this worsens to a disease called periodontitis. Having sensitive teeth could be a symptom which indicates that the untreated gingivitis has progressed into periodontitis.
  3. Teeth Grinding – Teeth clenching and friction between can cause the enamel to become thinner, exposing the dentine if the habit is not halted immediately.
  4. Receding Gums – This could be a symptom of gingivitis; This can also be acquired by brushing the teeth too forcefully.
Sensitive teeth may be a common occurrence among adults; however, it is not as severe as the other oral diseases for it can be treated in different ways.
  • Proper Oral Hygiene –   Basic oral hygiene practices such as regular brushing and flossing of teeth to prevent various oral diseases.
  • Special Toothpaste –  Various toothpaste brands have developed and released toothpaste especially for sensitive teeth.
  • Soft Toothbrush Bristles –  Prevent from creating friction on your enamel to prevent the dentine from exposing. Also, remember to hold the brush lightly and not use too much force to avoid unnecessary friction.
  • Avoid Acidic Food –  Food containing high acid levels can increase the chances of your enamel wearing out and becoming thin. It is best to avoid these foods or lessen your intake of them.
  • Control Teeth Grinding –  Look for methods to reduce and halt it immediately to prevent further damage to your teeth. If teeth grinding occurs during your sleep, it would be best to seek professional dental help.

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