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Orthodontic Bands: What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Orthodontic bands are stainless steel braces used to wrap or anchor an arch wire to the teeth. Dental defects like unaligned teeth, protruding jaw, or buck teeth. Used to improve the overall dental health of a patient. Along with the other basic elements that should be used (e.g. arch wire, bonding material, and ligature elastic), braces help the teeth undergo a process called bone remodeling, or making the teeth stronger during loaded activity, such as eating.

However, if the soreness persists, or if the band becomes loose or misplaced, you should contact your dentist immediately for a consultation.


Advantages and Disadvantages of investing in an orthodontic bands.


  • Straighten Teeth 9-12 yrs old.
  • Straighten teeth also strengthen the gums so that it can properly hold the teeth in position.
  • One of the most affordable dental treatment. Among the list of orthodontic bandages, the most cost-efficient are the traditional or metal braces, ranging from $3,000- $7,000.


Although we got a good list of the advantages of using orthodontic bands, below is another list of why one might not consider wearing one:

  • Teeth sensitivity Imagine a metal scratched on glass, that kind of feeling!
  •  You will have to choose what to eat. Goodbye, favorite foods!
  • Mispronunciation of words
  • With the orthodontic bands in place, one will have to visit the orthodontist regularly. Expect him/her to re-adjust your braces, causing you discomfort over again, and this could go on a day or two.
  • Brushing or flossing of teeth
  • Process takes time
As the results,this method could work to everyone but not all. It actually depends on the type and history of our teeth and gums. For better results, you can ask for orthodontics to get better results, there’s other alternative on how to close your teeth gap. Orthofill creates an orthodontic bands to close that gap without using expensive braces and painful procedures.

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