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Orthofill bands are a revolutionary new treatment for the safe and permanent
closing of gapped teeth, without any unwanted side effects.

Orthofill QnA Facts

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Probably wondering if Orthofill bands will work on you or not? If our bands can close your teeth gap permanently and if there will be pain and discomfort. Now, you can know everything about our bands and possible questions you haven't thought about asking.
  • How long should I wear the Orthofill bands on my teeth?
A small gap (smaller than 2.7mm) will take 5-20 days to close. A large gap (larger than 2.7 mm) will take 21 to 60 days to close. Please make sure that you continue to wear the bands for 30 consecutive days after the gap is closed to ensure permanent closure.
  • Will Orthofill straighten my teeth?
Orthofill was specifically designed to close a diastema (teeth gap). Other orthodontic issues related to the straightening of teeth may require other solutions such as braces. Consult your dentist should this be the case.
  • My bands are sliding towards the gums or are loose, what should I do?
You should wear the band in the middle part away from the gums to minimize pain. To avoid having the band slide up, please wipe the teeth dry before placing the band. If the bands still do not stay, you can try doubling them up so that the bands are tighter around your teeth.
  • Will this create new gaps in my teeth?
The motion of teeth is not linear, so as your teeth come together, the pressure created on your gums will cause your teeth arch to contract so no new gap should appear. If you start to notice a new gap forming, use Orthofill on that gap to fix the problem.
  • Once my gap has closed can it reappear?
We recommend that you wear the Orthofill band for 30 consecutive days to retain the new position of your teeth. If by then your teeth have not yet settled into position it is possible that the gap will reappear. If that happens, repeat the treatment and be sure to wear it for some time afterward. You can also ask an orthodontist to glue a small wire to the back of your front teeth to make sure they don't move again
  • Is Orthofill for everyone?
We do not recommend Orthofill for anyone under 16 years old. The teeth structure for people of this age range is in development, and are still delicate.
  • Can retainers be used to close gaps in teeth?
Retainers are meant to hold the teeth in place once moved by orthodontic solutions. They cannot be used to close a diastema.
  • Can I eat with the bands on? What happens if I swallow the bands?
Yes! You can eat with the bands on. There is absolutely no risk if you swallow the bands. It will simply pass through to your next bowel movement in the same way a chewing gum would.
  • What is the use of retainers?
Retainers are meant to hold the teeth in place once moved by orthodontic solutions. They will allow you to permanently close your gaps and fix your diastema problem once and for all.
  • Will the bands weaken my teeth or damage them?
If you use Orthofill as directed they will not weaken nor damage your teeth and are safe to use. However, if you have had previous teeth problems we suggest for you to consult your dentist before using Orthofill.
  • Can your product work for closing gaps on a bottom set of teeth and not the top?
You can use Orthofill to close gaps on the bottom teeth. The process remains the same and thousands of our customers have also closed gaps in their bottom teeth.
  • Can it close any teeth gap or just the two upper front teeth?
Orthofill is made to close an open space between the upper incisors but it can also be used to close other gaps in the teeth. If you have more than one gap we suggest that you focus on one at time.
  • My adult teeth have not fully developed. Can I still use the bands?
You should wait until your adult teeth are fully grown before using Orthofill. Chances are that your gap will close by itself when your new adult teeth are formed.
  • What is the most number of teeth that a band should be worn around?
You should wear Orthofill on two teeth at a time. Some people wear the bands on 4 teeth with success, but we do not advise it, even though it has proven itself to be effective.
  • Of what material are the Orthofill bands made?
The bands are specially designed orthodontic elastics made with a patented premium grade elastic polymer which contains no latex, is tasteless and barely noticeable.
  • What if one of the front teeth is a bridge? Do the bands still work?
We do not suggest the use of Orthofill around teeth with bridges.
  • I would like to know what happens if it doesn’t work?
We offer a 100% money back guarantee for your convenience. This means that we take all the risk for you.
  • Is there any special toothpaste I need while wearing the bands?
No special toothpaste is required while wearing the bands. Simply brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.
  • Is it normal for my gap to re-open while I’m not wearing the bands?
Yes. Teeth have to move gradually and constantly adapt to their new position. Your gap will seem like it is closing very quickly but you will need to keep repeating the process until your gap stays closed. After this, you can proceed to phase 2 of the process which involves wearing the bands for 24 hours for at least 30 consecutive days to ensure that the new position of the teeth stays the same and the gap remains permanently closed.
  • I want Orthofill but I’m not sure how large my gap is. Should I buy it?
Orthofill is not recommended for any gap wider than 3.5 mm. It is best to have your gap measured before deciding to use our product.
  • Can both upper and lower front teeth gaps be fixed by Orthofill?
Either upper or lower front gaps can be fixed by Orthofill bands, so long as it is not wider than 3.5mm.
  • Is Orthofill's treatment temporarily or permanent?
Orthofill bands results have been proven trustworthy and 100% effective on more than 170 000 gaps. The effectiveness of the treatment varies upon individuals situations. Overall we receive positive feedback with permanent closure. However, it may happen to you that you will need retainers after the treatment to assure permanent closure. You may ask your orthodontist to glue a small wire on the back of your teeth like they do with Braces treatment. But if the procedure is followed exactly as directed, you will get your new smile successfully closed and in a really short time.
  • Will the gum between my teeth interfere with the bands pushing the two teeth together?
Once you start seeing your gap closing you should see that the gum will not interfere with your treatment, the motion of your teeth is not linear so your gum will also sustain changes.
  • My teeth seem to be too tiny for your bands so the bands always end up rubbing against my gum. Is it normal, is it bad?
Unless you start feeling sensitivity or seeing your gum becoming red because of the friction, there is no danger for your gum.You should wear the band in the middle part away from the gums if possible to maximize the efficiency of your treatment. To avoid having the band slide up, please wipe the teeth dry before placing the band. If the bands do not stay, you can try doubling them up so that the bands are tighter around your teeth.
  • How can I measure the size of my gap?
We suggest you use a ruler for a more precise measure. You can also send pictures of your smile at support@orthofill.com, so our health department will be able to help you with your gap size.

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