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Dental Habits: Five Tips for Healthy Teeth

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Healthy dental habits are considered one way of strengthening your oral hygiene. Sometimes, we tend to forget about these habits and go about our business like nothing is lacking in our to-do list. If you fail to have a good dental routine, it may result in infections before you could even prevent them. The same goes with your children if you fail to still them these habits.
Here are some fun and exciting tips to encourage good dental habits every day. Encourage children to have better dental habits as well. 
  1. Music. Music is a part of life. Its rhythm and melody can affect one's mood and perception of life. As you start brushing your teeth, have music accompany you. You  can use an upbeat song so that you can boogie down to the music while brushing, making it worthwhile to do so. The duration of one song is about three minutes, and the advised time to brush is around two, so why not?
  1. Sticker-Stamp Charts. This helps one take notice of their progress. Charts are very helpful with keeping track whether you've done your dental routine or not. You can use the calendar for the monthly progress of dental check-up and cleaning. For weekly, you can have a separate chart for that, but in order to make it engaging especially for kids, use stickers and/or stamps.
  1. Brushing products. Choosing the dental products for brushing the teeth helps build the excitement, especially for children who want to get a brush with their favorite cartoon character on it. The flavored toothpaste and design of a toothbrush spark interest to do brushing and flossing as much as possible. It actually stimulates one to finish the job faster.
  1. Dental Appointments. Keeping up with dental appointments encourages one to maintain a healthy mouth, clean teeth, and fresh breath. Create a good impression on the dentist by telling him the truth about you and your kid’s dental habits. After a good checkup, dentist rewards their client with a goodie bag or toy to give that push of keeping up the good work.
  1. Lead by example. This applies to parents who are the leading example of their children. When children see their parents brushing their teeth alongside them, it makes brushing fun and enjoyable because they want to be just like mom and dad. Find an inspiring figure to continue your brushing and flossing just like how a parent is the inspiration of a child.

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