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What we do?

Orthofill bands are an innovative alternative to closing that gap in your teeth. We developed Orthofill because there was a need in the dentistry field for a professional and less intrusive solution than braces. We strive to provide satisfaction in our customers and continue to receive testimonials daily from people who are pleased to use the Orthofill teeth gap bands. Try them for yourself! With our 100% money back guarantee there’s absolutely no risk.

We Put Your Safety First.

Our bands have been rigorously tested and developed to ensure that you remain safe whilst using them. Over 75,000 customers have put Orthofill to the test, finding that they are not only simple to use but also efficient at closing those unwanted gaps. By following our simple instructions, you can ensure that no harm will come to your teeth or gums. Orthofill offers a cost effective solution to achieving your perfect smile.